...Or Would You Rather Get a Job?

13. Will Ye Go

Lyrics: reconstructed by Mike Agranoff after having heard them once somewhere
Melody: traditional

Vocal : Mike Agranoff
Recorded live at the Mine Street Coffeehouse, New Brunswick NJ, Jan. 31, 2000

With my faithful collie dog I roamed o'er the hills and bower
And she would not squat nor piddle, though we walked for half an hour.
Will ye go, Lassie, go?

Original lyrics, as penned by Stephen Suffet follow:

Lyrics: Stephen L. Suffet 1987, 2000 Music: "Wild Mountain Thyme" (McPeake family, based on traditional)

Oh, I walked my dear old collie,
Across the blooming bower,
But she never stopped to piddle,
Though I walked her half an hour.

Will you go, Lassie, go?
And we'll all go together,
As we walk our bloody dogs,
Regardless of the weather.
Will you go, Lassie, go?

Says Stephen:
"I made this up during a singing session in the back room of a pub in Dublin in the summer of 1987. I've been singing it at silly times ever since, and it seems to have taken on a life of its own. My first big surprise was the number of Dubs who understood my reference to Lassie. I guess they've seen enough reruns of American TV."