Straight Lines

2. Sing That Stephen Foster Song

Lyrics and Music: Teresina Huxtable;
1986 Teresina Huxtable

Vocal and Guitar: Mike Agranoff
Harmony Vocals: Pat & Ken Rolston
Violin: Diane Perry

I heard this song from the singing of the vocal trio Huxtable, Christensen, & Hood, who toured in the 70s and 80s, and have done a couple of reunion concerts recently. It speaks of the customs, practices, and loved ones of our youth that we take for granted as children, and only come to really appreciate and miss when they're gone.

Is someone left to know the way,
Protect us, bring us home again.
Sit at table one more time,
Sing that Stephen Foster Song.

Those whose days were like your own
Are scattered now across the years.
Share no countries, plans or time,
Though once you lived on common ground.


If we knew then of leaving home,
But tens and twelves are unafraid.
Foresight's dear and hindsight's long,
And far apart is how we've grown.


3. Roads and paths come overgrown.
Lose the time and lose the way.
Gather those around me now,
I set a table of my own.