...Or Would You Rather Get a Job?

2. The Folkie

Lyrics: Mike Agranoff, 1989 Mike Agranoff
Music: Paul Simon 1969 Paul Simon.

Guitar, Vocal, & Harmonica: Mike Agranoff
Harmony vocal: Mark Wolkoff

I am just a folkie, and my song is seldom heard
For I cannot sing the tune, and keep forgetting all the words
That's not unusual.
But I try my best And I play the three chords that I know and disregard the rest, mmmm...

Asking only gas and free beer, I come looking for a gig
But I get no offers, just a ripoff from this bar on Seventh Avenue.
He told a tale,
After six nights at three sets a night he'd pay me without fail, mmmm,
And the check was in the mail.


So I left the bars and the coffeehouse feeling no more than annoyed,
And I come to play for strangers on the corners, streets, and subway stations, anywhere
They would go
For the nickles, dimes, and quarters that the harried people throw,
Playing Dylan songs, or something they would know.


In the kitchen sits a folkie, a songwriter by his trade
, And he tries to do his taxes on the money he ain't made on singing protest songs
Against the war
Or that Simon and Garfunkle stuff that folks don't sing no more,
And he asks himself, "What do I do it for?"